Tillys Treasures

26th April 2021

Where It All Started

It seems fitting that my very first journal entry should give you a little insight into how far back my love of property and interiors actually goes

So grab a cuppa and lets start at the beginning.

I can remember when I was young, junior school age, so probably only 8 or 9 years old and I would visit friends houses and I would look around making comparisons between theirs and my parents decor and furnishing choices. Then I would go home telling my Mum all about what they had and what I thought we should have in our house. I was lucky enough that I was allowed to choose how I wanted my bedroom decorated and loved styling and restyling it, dragging all the furniture out on to the landing and repositioning my bed, before dragging it all back in. This was probably at least once every few months. To me this was my idea of tidying my room, I couldn’t just put a few things in drawers the whole lot was turned upside down before all being put in its rightful place.

My Dad did all the decorating at home and at first I would watch and then over time I was allowed to wipe down the paste table in between each roll and then tear the length of paper at the bottom, to mark the drop needed, whilst my Dad stood on the ladder holding the top. This is how I learned to wallpaper and find it quite a relaxing job to do now.

During the time myself and my husband Pete were planning our wedding a property caught our eye that was ripe for conversion. We set ourselves a time scale to have it completed and ready to move into for when we got married. This property became the first of many renovations we’ve done and this is definitely when I got the bug! We learned so much from this initial renovation including how well we work as a team. Pete had a background in construction so knew a lot of the basics and I was in my element putting my own stamp on our first home! It was pretty much what one of us couldn’t do the other could. We took down walls, knocked out a coal cellar, pantry and outside loo, fitted our own kitchen, bathroom and french doors and so on. So as you can tell it was fully renovated from top to bottom and I think we completed the work about 2 weeks before the wedding too. We went on to start our family in this house but soon had itchy feet for our next project.

Our second property was acceptable to move into but from the minute we viewed it I started mentally making mood boards and planning where our furniture would go. When our second son was born we added a double extension to the back of the property, creating a study room downstairs and a larger third bedroom upstairs. We then extended the kitchen too. We totally redecorated and fitted a new bathroom suite during our time living there and apart from the building work we carried out the majority of work ourselves. After a few years we needed more than the house could give, utility, en suite bathrooms etc. So we started property hunting (another favourite past time of mine).

Fast forward to now and the property we have lived in for the last 18 years and yes you’ve probably guessed it, that this house has undergone many changes and continues to do so. We’ve also fully renovated 3 other properties during this time, the details and before and after pictures of the third can be seen on my Instagram highlights under ‘Westgate renovation’

Shortly after our second son was born Pete started his own successful kitchen & bathroom installation company and I left my full time job to work for the company. This allowed me more time to follow my interior interests and what started as a hobby of up cycling furniture for myself, family and friends became a business. I also attended upholstery classes as this was something I found enjoyable and a couple of years ago I completed a National Design Academy Diploma too.

So as you can see I’ve always had a passion for property and interiors and I feel your home should be a reflection of you and with this in mind I’m excited to launch my own carefully selected home wares and accessories to help enhance your homes, making them calm, relaxed and welcoming. Visit my shop where you can choose accessories that add interest and texture to a room such as rattan, sea grass and distressed wood. Add warmth and pattern with cosy cushions and throws and faux greenery and flowers will add a seasonal touch.